Perimenopause, menopause and pain Factsheet

Joint pain, muscle aches and stiffness in the joints are extremely common symptoms during the perimenopause, menopause and beyond, which can be due to the lack of hormones estrogen and testosterone.

This factsheet explains more about this and describes what can be done to improve these troublesome symptoms.

More resources about bone health.

Seeking support and care from a healthcare professional

If you need menopause treatment advice, seek help from your healthcare professional or book an appointment with Newson Health.

Newson Health offers evidence-based treatment and care for women going through the perimenopause and menopause. With clinics nationwide we offer in-person and virtual consultations. We are also able to see patients who reside outside the UK following a first appointment either face-to-face in one of our clinics or virtually while in the UK.* All follow-up consultations can then be held virtually in the country you resided in.

Our team of menopause specialist doctors, nurses and pharmacists will take time to listen to you, discuss your symptoms and offer a comprehensive treatment plan, tailored to your needs and preferences.

Use the button below to find out more and book your appointment.

*This doesn’t currently apply to residents of the US and Canada. All medication will need to be sent to a UK postal address; this includes PO Box addresses.

Perimenopause, menopause and pain Factsheet

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