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New digital decision aid for HRT prescribing

Published: 4th August 2021

Have you ever wanted to have all the relevant information regarding prescribing for menopause in an accessible format?

If you prescribe for the menopause, please share your views on a new digital decision aid.

Following a new academic partnership between Newson Health and UCL’s Institute for Women’s Health, we are delighted to share with you a free digital decision aid which can be used in clinic, or as part of virtual consultations.

It offers evidence-based, tailored information about benefits and risks, as well as detailed treatment options and advice for follow-up.

As you select the various parameters in the left-hand column, the information in the middle of the decision aid changes as well, including risk estimates and prescription regimens.

A 2 minute feedback survey can be accessed by clicking on the green button in the right-hand column (Access Survey), and we would love to hear your views, so we can ensure it serves your needs. 

The survey is really quick – we promise! And it would really help us to continue to develop this free resource for primary care.

Check out the digital decision aid for HRT prescribing and complete the survey

(full functonality only available on a laptop/desktop)

New digital decision aid for HRT prescribing

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