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The impact of the menopause is palpable throughout our society, especially within the workplace.

Around 52% of the population are affected by the menopause, yet despite this widespread impact, many women feel they’re unsupported in this area both personally and professionally. In fact, our research found that 84% of respondents would like their workplace to offer more advice and support around the menopause.

At balance, we are determined to not leave any stone unturned; we want to help as many people as possible around the world. balance is passionate about supporting female talents to thrive in the workplace and help companies drive their diversity agenda.

​To influence change from the top down to the bottom up, we need to come together. We cannot do this alone.

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The current workplace scenario

A major survey by GP and menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson laid bare the impact of menopausal symptoms such as memory problems, fatigue and anxiety on women in the workplace.

The findings of the survey which was undertaken by the not for profit company Newson Health Research and Education of 3,800 UK women, revealed:

  • 99% of respondents said their perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms had led to a negative impact on their careers, with more than a third calling the impact ‘significant’.
  • 59% had taken time off work due to their symptoms: 18% were off more than 8 weeks.
  • Reasons for taking time off included reduced efficiency (45%), poor quality of work (26%) and poor concentration (7%).
  • Half (50%) of those who took at least 8 weeks off work resigned or took early retirement.
  • Overall, one in five (21%) passed on the chance to go for promotion they would have otherwise considered, 19% reduced hours and 12% resigned.
  • Worryingly, 60% of women said their workplace offered no menopause support.


You can download the findings poster to this survey HERE.

This is a great resource to take to your board or manager to highlight the necessity of addressing menopause in the workplace.

Newson, L & Lewis, R. (2021) Impact of Perimenopause and Menopause on Work [Paper Presentation], Royal College of GP Annual Conference, London, UK

What can my organisation do?

Be brave and start conversations in the workplace.  Shake up your board, send out internal comms, appoint menopause champions, ask for menopause employee support – these are just a few things you can do!

At balance, we offer talks by doctors which help educate, break taboo and generate awareness. .

Real change occurs when we are truly informed and can take the correct actions accordingly.

At balance, we offer training for employees, lines managers, HR & Occupational Health staff as well as ongoing organisational menopause support.

Explore our CPD certified course below.

Provide your staff with the tools that help support them through their menopause journey. balance app is a free tool that you can encourage your employees to download and use.

At balance, we offer specific access and features for organisations so come and talk to us and see how our unbiased, evidence-based information and knowledge can ensure your employees do not just survive the menopause, but thrive. Explore below…


balance app

The only ORCHA certified menopause support app

Founded by Dr Louise Newson, balance app is a free menopause support app.

Filled with medically-approved, unbiased and evidence-based information, the app allows users to understand more about their menopause, track symptoms, access personalised expert content, download a Health Report©, share stories in the community and lots more.

balance is ORCHA approved which means it is recognised and trusted to feature in digital health libraries within the NHS and around the world, where it helps to educate health care professionals and is being used in treatment pathways. Employers can be reassured that the information distributed to their staff is medically sound and safe.

Learn more

The only ORCHA certified menopause support app

balance app


Evidence-based information that empowers women to access a quicker menopause diagnosis and treatment should always be free.

In order to keep the current part of the app free, balance launched the world’s first well being companion, tailored to perimenopausal and menopausal people. This subscription-based part of the app is called balance+.

On balance+, Dr Louise Newson hand-picked experts at the intersection of menopause, all coming together to provide recipes, Yoga & Pilates classes, live Q&A sessions, mindfulness, real-life consultations and so much more.

By offering both balance and balance+ to your workforce, you will not only support your organisation holistically but also contribute to thousands of women that are still able to freely access essential evidence-based information to help them better understand their own perimenopause and menopause.

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Learn more about balance+ here.


The balance effect: Since downloading the app...

Since using the balance app 50% of users find it easier to manage their symptoms at work
Since using the balance app 44% of users think less about leaving their jobs of reducing their hours
Since using the balance app 24% of users are more interested in seeking a promotion

CPD certified course for the workforce

Creating and working in a menopause confident organisation

The perimenopause and menopause affects women, trans and non-binary people of all ages and is currently responsible for a huge loss of talent in the workplace as well as an estimated 14 million work days lost in the UK per year because of the debilitating symptoms that can arise.

Many individuals do not realise they are in perimenopause or menopause and put their symptoms down to stress, tiredness and the pressures of life. But there are effective and safe treatments out there that can have a huge impact on how they feel and improve future health, helping them to stay in work and organisations benefit from keeping skilled and experienced staff.

Our CPD certified course, Creating and working in a menopause confident organisation, is for organisations to instigate cultural change that leads to them becoming a menopause confident employer while also helping individuals to understand the peri/menopause and know how to get the right help.

If you’d like to talk about offering this course to your workforce, please email

balance app CPD certified course for organisations wanting to become menopause-confident

Free resources

Creating and working in a menopause confident organisation booklet

The perimenopause and menopause affects everyone either directly or indirectly and, just like with mental health, creating an open and supportive culture around the menopause should be core business for organisations that seek to look after, retain and attract experienced staff.

balance app founder, Dr Louise Newson, has written this booklet for individuals and workplaces, for men, women, and non-binary people, and for colleagues, managers and CEOs to develop their awareness of this impact in the workplace, and gain knowledge on strategies to help.

Download booklet

Creating and working in a menopause confident organisation booklet

Menopause confident organisation booklet transparent 2

Menopause & Guidance Policy

At balance, we are keen to support organisations in making a change happen faster.

Whilst the workforce can be offered support tools like the free balance app, it is recommended that you implement and action a menopause policy.

With great thanks to the help and cooperation from QD Commercial Group Holdings, we are pleased to offer this menopause & guidance policy template. This template is free to download for you to use as a guide and best practise within your organisation.

Download the Menopause & Guidance Policy Template

Menopause & Guidance Policy

Menopause Policy and Guidance transparent

Download & print our family of posters

genitourinary syndrome of menopause poster

Organisations that empower

We are really excited to be working with organisations to develop our place in the workforce agenda and propose specific solutions to change cultures, retain talent, drive the diversity agenda and ultimately empower employees with knowledge and tools, so they can thrive in their careers.


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