World Menopause Month 2023

Thanks for helping us #PauseToTalk


During World Menopause Month in October, we aimed to start the most menopause conversations. Ever.

Thank you so much to all who participated and helped get the word out there, and well done! You may have helped someone get the support they need, learned something new about the perimenopause or the menopause, or simply helped to break the stigma – Every person and every conversation counts!


23,235 Conversations
470,000+ Article views
2 million People reached worldwide
27,000+ Users logged symptoms on balance app
23 Workplace events hosted

Thank you for joining the conversation

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This World Menopause Month, we’re starting the most menopause conversations. Ever.

Each persons’ menopause is individual and to help others understand and treat their menopause, we must break the taboo, educate and start the conversation. You can help someone today and have a conversation about menopause.


We are the world’s biggest menopause library, home to the latest evidence-based resources, advice and treatment options. The conversation doesn’t need to stop here!

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