balance for Health Care Professionals

balance for Health Care Professionals

Now more than ever, health care professionals are under immense pressure to cater to the high demand within our health services.

With some women attending up to 10 appointments before receiving a correct menopause diagnosis and treatment, balance app aims to help reduce this avoidable stress on our practitioners and patients in need.

How to use this page

  • Learn how to use balance app and the Health Report© in the treatment pathway to reach a diagnosis quicker
  • Download and share balance app posters to raise awareness and help others
  • Train in a free course and digest medically-approved content to become more informed in the menopause

Approved by ORCHA, balance app is recognised as safe, accredited, compliant, and trusted to feature in digital health libraries for the NHS and other national health bodies around the world.

Using balance app within the treatment pathway

Health care professionals can recommend ORCHA approved balance app to patients and ask them to fill in their personal information, health background and take the balance Menopause Symptom Questionnaire©. If applicable, patients should log their periods too.

Once complete, a personal Health Report© can be downloaded and brought to the appointment.

Watch this short video to understand how health care professionals can use balance app to make a swift and accurate menopause diagnosis and treatment plan.

Understanding the balance Health Report©

Easily view patient’s personal and relevant medical history information.


Understand patient’s 3 month cycle history, if applicable.

From the balance Menopause Symptom Questionnaire©, understand the patient’s full range of symptoms including, physical, psychological and vasomotor.


Raise awareness of the menopause: download & print our family of posters

Health care training

If you’re a health care professional and want to bring your knowledge of the menopause and HRT up to speed, Newson Health Research and Education (our sister company!) and FourteenFish offer the ‘Confidence in the Menopause’ online course to every health care professional in the world for free!

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Health care training


The balance effect: Since downloading the app...

70% of users feel confident about their treatment options
53% of users feel their physical health has improved

balance in Long Covid Clinics

balance in Long Covid Clinics

The balance app is recommended by the Greater Manchester and Trafford Post Acute Covid Assessment Service (PACAS) and is being used by other multidisciplinary teams in their Long Covid clinics.

As part of the treatment pathway, balance app is helping to identify which patients are experiencing other symptoms associated with the perimenopause and menopause, as well as their Long Covid symptoms. These insights are being utilised to shape and inform management plans.

For more information on the subject click here or read a patient’s story about HRT and Long Covid.


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