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Emma Ellice-Flint

Clinical Nutritionist

Emma Ellice-Flint is a degree-qualified nutritionist and chef with over 10 years clinical nutrition experience and has worked alongside Dr Louise Newson herself. Emma seeks to combine science, research and the deliciousness of food together to help women embrace change. Because of this, you can trust her evidence-based approach and feel confident you’ve found the right person to help guide you through your own nutritional journey in perimenopause and menopause.

Emma’s passion for food is born from first-hand experience with the profound affect food can have on an individual’s life. Food is too often regarded as merely fuel to get us through the day, but it is so much more than that. Emma’s extensive experience helps you truly understand the power of food and place fundamental importance on an act we all do often three or more times a day.

In food, Emma saw an opportunity to help people. Good nutrition is a great compliment to menopause treatment and with the right food people can begin to feel like themselves once more.

In Emma’s words, it’s her aim to ‘see their eyes sparkling again’.

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Emma Ellice-Flint

Emma Ellice-Flint Clinical Nutritionist

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