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MegsMenopause – Meg Mathews & Dr Louise Newson

In this episode, Dr Newson is joined by former music industry PR guru Meg Mathews. Together, they discuss Meg’s reasons for creating her website, MegsMenopause, and why she has worked so hard to improve menopause education for women. Meg talks very openly about her dreadful menopause experience and how she had no idea what was happening to her – as indeed so many women don’t. Thankfully she is so much better now, taking the right dose and type of HRT. Meg works tirelessly to educate women (and men) about the menopause and how it can affect their lives. In this podcast, Dr Newson and Meg discuss the different ways women can receive the right help and advice. 

Meg’s Three Take Home Tips:

  1. Share with your family! Your symptoms may also affect those closest to you so it could be helpful to share how you are feeling and why.
  2. If you have an inkling of any menopausal symptoms, take the menopause symptoms questionnaire on the balance app – if you have 5 or more symptoms then you may want to go and see your GP.
  3. Self love! Things can feel so overwhelming during the menopause so take time for yourself and put yourself first.


MegsMenopause – Meg Mathews & Dr Louise Newson

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