MPowered women – Saska Graville & Dr Louise Newson

In this episode, Dr Newson chats to Saska Graville, co founder of; a community of doctors, wellbeing experts and brilliant women, to power you through menopause. Despite a career in women’s magazines, including being the deputy editor of Red, Saska had no idea that anxiety and loss of confidence were classic perimenopause symptoms. Hot flushes were the extent of her knowledge, and she’d never had one. She blamed her anxiety and loss of confidence in her late 40s on a career change.  MPowered Women ensures that no woman has to struggle and be uninformed about what the hell is going on with her physical and mental health, and what she can do about it. With no subject off limits, MPowered Women has her back. 

Saska Graville’s Three take Home Tips:

  1. Don’t panic!
  2. Don’t believe the headlines – search for factual, evidence-based advice.
  3. Take someone with you to your doctor’s appointment if you’re feeling nervous, and before you visit, look at the Menopause Doctor website and arm yourself with information and advice. Also, visit the Menopause Support website and download the ‘Ten things your GP should know about the menopause’.
MPowered women – Saska Graville & Dr Louise Newson

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