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Taking HRT forever – Ann Newson & Dr Louise Newson

In this week’s podcast, Dr Louise Newson has an open discussion with her mother, Ann Newson, about her personal views regarding taking HRT. Over 30 years ago, Ann was experiencing symptoms of severe fatigue which were negatively affecting her ability at work, prompting her GP to give her a prescription for HRT. Ann was then told that she was going through “The Change” but had no idea what that meant! The menopause was never spoken about at that time and she was given no information about it. However, taking HRT gave Ann her life back and her energy levels vastly improved. Fast forward to today and Ann is delighted to have learnt so much about the menopause from her daughter, Louise. In this episode, Ann also explains how many of her friends have developed breast cancer over the years despite none of them taking HRT. She strongly feels that women should be given a choice regarding hormone therapy and how she plans to stay on her HRT forever! 

Ann Newson’s Three Take Home Tips:

  1. Carry on! If you’re happy with your HRT then you don’t have to stop taking it
  2. If you are feeling low, don’t think that you’re not menopausal just because you aren’t experiencing hot flushes and night sweats.
  3. Don’t be frightened of HRT, it can be life-changing!
Taking HRT forever – Ann Newson & Dr Louise Newson

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