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’Supporting your immunity’ – Emma Ellice-Flint & Dr Louise Newson

In this week’s podcast, Dr Newson is joined by Emma Ellice-Flint, a clinical nutritionist and former chef. Emma works alongside Dr Newson at her clinic, Newson Health Menopause and Wellbeing Centre and treats patients with all conditions, but digestive wellness and hormone balance are topics close to her heart. 

In light of the outbreak of Coronavirus, Emma chats to Dr Newson about the different things we can do to help support our immunity and keep our bodies healthy. Emma describes the certain foods, drinks and nutrients that are beneficial for our overall health as well as those that can strengthen our immune systems.

Emma has also written this informative article explaining how we can all adopt immunity boosting changes and habits.

Emma Ellice-Flint’s Three Take Home Tips for Staying Healthy:

  1. Rice is a family favourite! For a healthier alternative, try swapping it out for brown rice instead
  2. Broccoli, cabbage, garlic and onions are prebiotic, immune boosting vegetables and are great if you can eat them everyday
  3. Wherever possible, try and keep up your exercise during this time – in any shape or form!


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’Supporting your immunity’ – Emma Ellice-Flint & Dr Louise Newson

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