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Newson Health in the North – Dr Zoe Hodson & Dr Louise Newson

In this podcast, Dr Louise Newson is joined by Dr Zoe Hodson who is the lead doctor at the North West branch of Newson Health. Zoe has worked as a GP and GP trainer for over 15 years and has encountered many hurdles when trying to deliver menopause care; from lack of training as an undergraduate and postgraduate to being told that there wasn’t any funding for a GP led menopause clinic in her area.  

Dr Newson and Zoe discuss many of the frustrations that GPs and their patients face as well as the work that is being done by Newson Health in areas such as GP education and the provision of evidence based, accessible information for women throughout the world. 

The team here at Newson Health believe that menopause consultations should be based on shared decision making and they discuss the importance of women and doctors being able to fully understand the long term health benefits and improved quality of life that HRT and holistic menopausal care can deliver.  

Dr Zoe Hodson’s Three Take Home Tips:

  1. Read or listen to as much evidence-based information as you can about the menopause before booking an appointment with your healthcare provider.  
  2. Share a symptom checker with anyone who will listen – we have to start joining the dots and this is a cheap, easily accessible way to start. 
  3. Gather your soapboxes! We need everyone to be sharing and signposting to correct, evidence based information.

Find out more about Dr Zoe Hodson and our new North West clinic in this video.

Newson Health in the North – Dr Zoe Hodson & Dr Louise Newson

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