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Breast Cancer & Menopause – Dr Tony Branson & Dr Louise Newson

In this podcast, Dr Louise Newson talks to Dr Tony Branson, a consultant oncologist who specialises in giving cancer treatments to women. Dr Branson and Dr Newson discuss the menopause in women who have had breast cancer in the past and the various ways of managing symptoms. Some women also experience menopausal symptoms as a result of their hormone treatment and Dr Branson shares some advice on how to manage this. This podcast also covers what risk means regarding taking HRT with a history of breast cancer and reasons why some women still choose to take HRT despite having breast cancer in their family or having had it themselves in the past.

Dr Tony Branson’s Three Take Home Tips:

  1. Whoever you see (hopefully a specialist) make sure to ask about your options. You may be able to stop your hormone treatment for a short time and see how you are.
  2. If that helps and you are considering HRT – find someone that will have a reasonable discussion with you about the relative risks and benefits, instead of just saying “no you can’t!”
  3. Don’t take no for an answer! Be clear with your healthcare professional about what really matters to YOU. 
Breast Cancer & Menopause – Dr Tony Branson & Dr Louise Newson

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