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The basics about HRT – Dr Rebecca Lewis & Dr Louise Newson

In this podcast, Dr Louise Newson chats to friend and colleague, Dr Rebecca Lewis and together they talk all about hormone replacement therapy (HRT). They discuss the different types and ways of taking HRT, as well as the advantages of various preparations and different types of progestogens. Dr Newson and Dr Lewis also detail the numerous benefits of taking HRT and the possible risks. It is very important that women receive individualised care and treatment regarding their perimenopause and menopause and that they receive the right dose and type of HRT for them. Many women often find they have to try several different doses before they optimise how they are feeling. 

Dr Rebecca Lewis’ Three Take Home Tips:

  1. HRT will help your systemic symptoms.
  2. HRT will help improve your future health.
  3. There is no time limit on how long you can take HRT.

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The basics about HRT – Dr Rebecca Lewis & Dr Louise Newson

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