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The Irish Menopause – Sallyanne Brady, Claire Peel & Dr Louise Newson

The Irish Menopause was set up by Sallyanne Brady and Claire Peel – two ladies who suffered horrendously with their own menopause symptoms and met in an online support group. Ireland was lacking in knowledge, support and evidence based information, for women in particular, so they founded The Irish Menopause in April 2019 and the group now has 2700 members! Sallyanne and Claire chat to Dr Newson about the stories they hear day after day that are heartbreaking and unnecessary and how they are striving for change in Ireland.

Sallyanne’s Three Take Home Tips for women in Ireland:

  1. Join The Irish Menopause – it’s evidence-based support and you might find something you relate to.
  2. Find a doctor – if your doctor doesn’t listen or you’re not happy with what they have said, go to the next doctor and keep trying!
  3. Reach out – share, talk to others. You’re not going mad, it’s not just you, it’s every other woman.

Claire’s Three Take Home Tips on how women can help themselves:

  1. Talk to other people, go online and find support groups like The Irish Menopause.
  2. Look after yourself, don’t feel guilty for taking time to yourself. Rest!
  3. Give Yoga a try! It can do wonders during this time of your life.

Find The Irish Menopause on Instagram: @theirish_menopause

Sign #TheIrishMenopauseMission petition online here.

The Irish Menopause – Sallyanne Brady, Claire Peel & Dr Louise Newson

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