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Menopause and Health – Dr Annice Mukherjee & Dr Louise Newson

Dr Annice Mukherjee is a U.K. hormone specialist with almost 3 decades of experience in hospital medicine. From the early days, her specialism in hormones has always focussed on optimising quality of life in hormone diseases, imbalances and deficiencies. Her knowledge helped her hugely when she went through an early menopause due to a cancer diagnosis ten years ago.

Annice is the author of “The Complete Guide to the Menopause” which is hot off the press, having been published by Penguin Random House on 28th January. 

In this episode, Dr Newson and Annice discuss how different hormones in the body interact with each other and the importance of using holistic approaches in managing menopause alongside HRT, as well as for those of you who do not take it. She emphasises that in the context of today’s world, lifestyle approaches are all the more important and should be adopted by every women in menopause to optimise wellbeing and long-term health.   

Annice’s Three Take Home Tips:

  1. Menopause affects every system in the human body and all hormones interact with each other. Improving your overall health can help with hormone balance and your menopause experience. Understanding how to do this is key. 
  2. Stress is more prevalent and relentless in today’s world and acknowledging and addressing your stress, even with tiny lifestyle tweaks, downtime and applying selfcare can be transforming, both in terms of menopause symptoms and your overall health. 
  3. Exercise, good nutrition, good sleep habits, stress management and some complementary therapies can work as well as, or better than the many of the alternatives to HRT and don’t have any of the down sides or side effects. 

You can buy Annice’s book here: 

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Menopause and Health – Dr Annice Mukherjee & Dr Louise Newson

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