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The midlife method to losing weight and feeling great – Sam Rice and Dr Louise Newson

Food and health writer, Sam Rice joins Dr Louise Newson in this episode to discuss eating well in midlife. Sam tells of her unconventional route into nutrition and wellness, and how living in Bali inspired her to write the Midlife Kitchen with her good friend and best-selling author Mimi Spencer.

After the success of the Midlife Kitchen, Sam has recently published her follow up book, The Midlife Method, which supports women who have made the transition to healthier eating but struggle to shift the weight they would like to lose. She urges us to turn away from toxic diet cultures and worrying about our dress size, and focus more on our microbiomes, and having a healthy, happy gut.

Sam’s three top tips are:

  1. Think about the balance of food you’re eating, you don’t need to cut out whole groups of food, just focus on your complex carbs, lean proteins and healthy fats.
  2. In your regular exercise routines, don’t forget to include strength training with weights and resistance, as well as your cardio activities like walking or Zumba.
  3. Embrace eating with awareness. Give yourself permission to eat well and allow yourself to enjoy food.

The Midlife Kitchen: Health Boosting Recipes for Midlife & Beyond

The Midlife Method: How to Lose Weight & Look Great After 40

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The midlife method to losing weight and feeling great – Sam Rice and Dr Louise Newson

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