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Reflecting on Dr Newson’s and Dr Lewis’ achievements for women

Newson Health celebrates its 100th podcast episode with the Clinical Director of Newson Health, Dr Rebecca Lewis. When Dr Louise Newson began these podcasts with the aim of reaching more women, she didn’t envisage doing more than 10 episodes, let alone 100! 

In this emotional episode, Dr Lewis and Dr Newson reflect on their joint menopause mission to help women globally with the perimenopause and menopause, as they talk about how their worlds have dramatically changed from being GPs within the NHS, to owning and running the largest menopause clinic in the world. 

Their joint aims for the next decade:

1. See more women getting the right treatment for their menopause. Currently, only 14% of women in the UK take HRT despite it holding benefits for many more women. The Newson Health doctors would like to see 60 – 70% of women receive this safe and effective treatment.

2. Continue to raise the profile of perimenopause and menopause, not only medically but in society – especially in the workplace.

3. Raise the profile of menopause globally; many countries don’t have a word for it let alone access to treatment.

Reflecting on Dr Newson’s and Dr Lewis’ achievements for women

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