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‘Menopause is a public health issue’ with Nick Panay

World renowned Consultant Gynaecologist, Nick Panay, of Hormone Health, shares his past and current interests in hormone related issues such as menopause, pre-menstrual syndrome, progesterone intolerance and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency.

He describes ongoing areas within women’s hormone health where there continues to be huge unmet need and how, through training, he is seeking to overcome this, not just in the UK but globally through his work with the International Menopause Society.

Together, the experts discuss the importance of their roles in empowering women and supporting them to make their own choice about treatments and both agree that as a public health issue, the menopause requires a national approach that focusses on preventative rather than reactive medicine.

Nick’s 3 aims for global menopause care:

  1. Women have ease of access to information about the menopause
  2. Recommendations on hormone therapy and menopause care need to be updated and made applicable, globally, to all healthcare professionals
  3. Receive funding for a definitive study on the best way to treat the menopause for all the benefits and no side effects or risks – that is the holy grail.

Find Nick on social media at:

Twitter – @HormoneHealth92

Facebook – @HormoneHealthClinics

Instagram – @hormonehealthuk

LinkedIn – Nick Panay

Website –

‘Menopause is a public health issue’ with Nick Panay

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