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Migraine and hormones, with specialist Dr Katy Munro

Dr Katy Munro was a GP partner in a Hertfordshire practice for many years and developed migraine in her 40s, around the time of her own perimenopause. This led to an interest in migraine and her involvement with the National Migraine Centre, first as a patient and then as a doctor. 

Katy now works as a GP Headache Specialist at the National Migraine Centre, a charity that raises awareness on migraine, shares information and advises how to manage it. In this podcast episode, she chats to Louise about what migraine is, dispels myths, and explains why migraine is not just simply a ‘bad headache’. The experts discuss the role of estrogen in migraine, other possible triggers, and ways to help minimise the onset, severity and frequency of migraine. This hugely useful conversation is a must-listen if you or a loved one experiences migraine. 

Katy has recently written a book on migraine, ‘Managing Your Migraine’, and it is available to buy now. 

Katy’s 3 reasons to buy her book: 

  1. Educate yourself on migraine and take control of it. 
  2. There is hope, no matter what you’ve already tried there will be something else – you’re not at the end of the line. 
  3. Migraine is genetic. Think about not just who you got it from, but who you’ll pass it on to. We need to learn more about how to help children who go on to develop migraine and there’s a chapter on this in my book.  National Migraine Centre –  ‘Managing Your Migraine’, by Dr Katy Munro, is published by Penguin Life Experts and is out now.  
Migraine and hormones, with specialist Dr Katy Munro

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