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‘The lack of menopause research is a shocking medical injustice’, with Kate Muir

Kate Muir returns to the podcast to discuss her ground-breaking new book on the menopause, which she describes as the most difficult and complex subject she has investigated to date. Dr Louise Newson speaks to Kate Muir about the shoddy science and lies that women have been told over the years and what Kate has learnt about past and current research from speaking to over 100 experts, and the real life impact on women from the conversations she has every week.

In this episode, discussion also turns to the ‘Davina effect’, referring to the impact of Kate’s Channel 4 documentary that was aired in May 2021, presented by Davina McCall, and has been a game-changer in raising the social and medical profile of menopause within primary care and in helping to inform and empower women to seek help.

Kate’s 3 wishes over the next 3 years:

  1. A symptom list to be given out at your local GP practice
  2. Good quality research into body identical estrogen and micronised progesterone
  3. Research happening in the UK into Alzheimer’s and the role of estrogen and testosterone in women’s brains

Kate’s new book is titled ‘Everything you need to know about the menopause (but were too afraid to ask)’ and is published by Gallery UK. A second documentary about the menopause with Davina McCall will be released in May 2022.

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‘The lack of menopause research is a shocking medical injustice’, with Kate Muir

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