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balance Posters Translated in 10 Different Languages!

We’re so pleased to be able to provide translated menopause resources by sharing our balance posters translated in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Welsh and Icelandic!

Balance has been created to make menopause support inclusive and accessible to all globally.

By providing medical evidence-based perimenopause and menopause information, our passion is to help people be better informed and more prepared during this time of their lives. We want to empower women, trans and non-binary people around the world to take control of their health and bodies.

Download our free balance posters and translated menopause resources to use across your organisations and more!

balance Posters Translated in 10 Different Languages!

balance Posters – French

balance posters - French Translated

balance Posters – Portuguese

balance Posters – Spanish

balance Posters – Italian

balance Posters – Polish

balance Posters – German

balance Posters – Dutch

balance Posters – Danish

balance Posters – Welsh

balance posters translated - welsh

balance Posters – Icelandic

For more translated resources, discover our Hindi, Spanish and French menopause libraries:

Hindi Menopause Library

Spanish Menopause Library

French Menopause Library

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  1. We’ve moved to a bigger home at balance for Dr Louise Newson to host all her content.

You can browse all our evidence-based and unbiased information in the Menopause Library.