Changing body shape during the menopause booklet

Nearly all women will experience a change in their body shape during perimenopause
and menopause. This is usually due to fluctuations in hormone levels and this is often a
good time to reflect on food choices and exercise, with a focus on future health and

Eating behaviours and weight can be linked to many different aspects of life, including a
different genetic make-up, stress levels, and quality of sleep – all these factors need to
be taken into consideration alongside your hormonal health.

It can be hard to know which type of nutrition is best for you when there are so many
conflicting messages and an intense focus on weight in the media; it’s no wonder it can
be difficult to know where to start.

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Changing body shape during the menopause booklet
Dr Zoe Hodson

Written by
Dr Zoe Hodson

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