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Long COVID, diet and hormones Booklet

This Long COVID, diet and hormones booklet is co-authored by Dr Sarah Glynne and Emma Ellice-Flint. Sarah Glynne is a GP and menopause specialist, and Emma Ellice-Flint is a clinical nutritionist with a special interest in the menopause.

This booklet has been written to compliment the ‘Long COVID and female hormones’ factsheet which is available on the balance website.

The purpose of this booklet is to explain poor gut health and the microbiome, and outline what can be done to improve your gut health through practical advice, including a dietary strategy for patients with histamine intolerance.


There are currently 1.5 million people living with long COVID in the UK, and this number is predicted to rise as the virus continues to circulate. Long COVID is associated with symptoms that affect multiple organ systems. Many people with long COVID are unable to go about their daily lives in the usual way, and their ability to care for their family and work is often affected. 1 in 5 long COVID sufferers have not returned to work since they contracted COVID-19, and many more have only been able to return to work in a reduced capacity.

As yet, there is no cure for long COVID, so a broad approach is used that targets several different factors influencing individual symptoms and the amount or rate of recovery achieved by an individual. These factors include hormone imbalance (which can be effectively treated with hormone replacement therapy) poor gut health, poor sleep, mood disturbance, overwork and overexertion….

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