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What to do if HRT seems to have stopped working for you

Advice on what to do if you don’t think your HRT is working as well as it used to

When it comes to HRT, there is no one size fits all approach.

The type and dose of HRT is prescribed according to your symptoms, medical history and personal preference.

But what should you do if your HRT doesn’t seem to be as effective as it once was?

Here, balance looks at your options.

Is it common to have to change my HRT prescription?

Many women need their HRT treatment regime altered over time.

When you start HRT for the first time, there may be a noticeable improvement initially but then not as much as you were hoping for, or there may be a return of some symptoms.

My symptoms have returned. What should I do?

If you are experiencing a recurrence of symptoms, the first step is to talk to the healthcare professional who prescribes your HRT.

It may be that you need a higher dose, or you might benefit from adding in testosterone, as well as oestrogen (and progestogen if you still have a womb). Whatever the reason, discuss it with your health professional if you are not satisfied.

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What about alternatives?

Another option your healthcare professional may discuss with is trying a different method of HRT, or a different brand.

Hayley Berry, pharmacist with Newson Health, says: ‘Remember that we have lots of different types and brands of HRT, so we can usually find a very similar product to the one that you’re using.’

If you do consider switching, balance has this really useful list where you can see the options for similar products.

For example, two pumps of Oestrogel is roughly equal to 2-3 sprays of Lenzetto, a 50mcg patch, 1mg oestrogen-only tablet or one sachet of 1mg Sandrena gel.

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Try not to panic

Most importantly, try not to worry – stress and anxiety in themselves can exacerbate some menopausal symptoms.

If you don’t feel a treatment is working as effectively as you’d like, don’t just come off it, as it could cause a return of symptoms. Always speak to your healthcare professional first.

‘Healthcare professionals will work to find a suitable alternative for you,’ says Ms Berry.

What to do if HRT seems to have stopped working for you

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