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You are what you eat, with the Healthy Eating Doctor

Healthy Eating Doctor, Dr Harriet Holme, joins Dr Louise Newson on the podcast couch this week to discuss the importance of nutrition for reducing long term risk of disease and improving your future health.

Before becoming a registered nutritionist, Harriet worked for ten years as a doctor before her interest grew in the link between what we eat and our health. She is passionate about sharing evidence-based knowledge to help people understand more about their own diets and health, and offers nutritional consultancy as well as lecturing on culinary science and nutrition.

Harriet’s four key ingredients for eating in the peri/menopause:

  1. Calcium is key, try and get it from your diet as much as possible.
  2. Balance your diet with a wide variety of wholegrains (brown bread and brown pasta, for example) fermented food (such as kimchi or kefir), lots of fruit and vegetables, and avoid sweeteners and fizzy drinks.
  3. Top up your omega 3 by eating 2 portions of oily fish a week.
  4. And last but not least, vitamin D. Take this one as a supplement especially in autumn and winter in the UK. If you’re vegan, also take a B12 supplement, but otherwise it’s always best to get nutrients from your diet rather than relying on supplements.

Listen to Harriet on her own podcast, ‘Eating for Health’ or visit her website:

Find Harriet on social media at:

Facebook = @healthyeatingdrcom

Twitter = @healthyeatingdr

Instagram = @healtheatingdr

You are what you eat, with the Healthy Eating Doctor

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