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Government share update on HRT prescription fees in England

On 16th March 2022, Carolyn Harris MP and co-chair of the UK’s Menopause Taskforce discussed with parliament an update on the Menopause (Support and Services) Act 2021, 29th October 2021.

The Act proposed the introduction of a new payment plan for HRT: if you live in England and have HRT on a repeat prescription that is a stable and ongoing plan, you should only have to have it prescribed once a year. This currently means paying £9.35 one time, and then nothing more for another 12 months, if things stay the same. You could save over £200 a year, if you have been having to pay for your HRT to be prescribed every 2-3 months.

Parliament share the news of a delay to the one payment per year plan with the new proposed deadline of April 2023.

Outraged by the delay, Carolyn Harris MP reports a letter that she has sent to the Minister for Patient Safety and Primary Care on behalf of the thousands of women let down by the announcement asking for clarification on the reason behind the delay, information on how the NICE guidelines are shared with GPs to enable them to feel confident prescribing HRT, and an urge to change the current process of a 12 month prescription to the newly proposed prepaid annual fee of £9.35 to help reduce HRT stock issues.

In light of some areas of the UK having HRT stock issues, we would like to support our community by pointing you to the Easy HRT Prescribing Guide.

This Guide outlines the different types and ways of taking HRT, and dose equivalents, if you find that you need to change the method of HRT administration due to shortages. Empower yourself with the knowledge and confidence to share an informed decision with your healthcare professional about alternative HRT options during this difficult time.

Alternatively, healthcare professionals can find further guidance and information to help support those experiencing the perimenopause and menopause during this time on our balance for Healthcare Professionals webpage.

Government share update on HRT prescription fees in England

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