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Anthelios Ultra-Light Invisible Fluid SPF50+

by La Roche Posay

This is a lightweight sunscreen. Regular use helps to prevent the harmful effects of sunlight.

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What we love about this product

This sunscreen is a light fluid that is easy to apply and doesn’t leave white marks even in those with darker skin tones.

It is a broad spectrum sunscreen meaning that it protects against both UVA and UVB. Its factor ratings are high for both types of UV light. For UVB, it is rated as SPF 50+ which is the highest rating a product in the UK can be awarded. For its UVA rating, it has a PPD rating of 46 meaning that it adheres to the EU recommendations for UVA cover.

UVB causes sun burn and skin cancer, while UVA causes pigmentation, ageing and skin cancer.

Using a broad spectrum sun screen such as this reduces the risk of a skin cancer and can help prevent the signs of ageing.

When oestrogen levels drop with the menopause, there is a drop in the collagen levels in the skin too. This causes thinning of the skin and signs of ageing such as wrinkles. UV light also damages skin collagen and causing signs of skin ageing. Protecting the skin from UV light will help preserve your skin collagen and reduce the signs of ageing.

As this is a lightweight product, it is quick, non-greasy and non-messy. It is less likely to aggravate acne. Make up can be applied over it.

Backed by science

The company has carried out 16 studies to show this product is effective.

Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going out and every 2 hours if you are in the sun. Sunscreen use should be supplemented with wearing a hat, protective clothing and seeking the shade.


This is an organic sunscreen that contains Mexoplex (a combination of Mexoryl XS, Mexoryl XL and Tinosorb S.).

These chemicals absorb UV radiation and prevent it from affecting the skin.

How to use

Apply this 20 minutes before going out in the sun in addition to wearing protective clothing.

Remember to top up every 2 hours, or more if you are swimming or perspiring a lot.

A note about this product review

A note about this product review

Our reviews are written by specialists who help women with symptoms of the menopause. By sharing their recommendations, we hope you can find products that help concerns you may have. Our product reviews are not sponsored. We and the reviewers do not receive (or accept) any financial benefit. Our reviewers have no conflict of interest in the products they recommend. The information in this review should not substitute professional or medical advice.

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