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E45 cream

Created in 1952, E45 cream is a cult product that has stood the test of time for a reason as it is an intensive moisture boost that supports hydration and the natural barrier of the skin.

Skincare pump

What we love about this product

Menopause reduces the moisture levels in the skin due to hormone imbalance caused by changing estrogen levels which can make skin sensitive and extremely dry. When applied this fragrance-free product gives moisture to the skin leaving the appearance of soft, bouncy skin that is well hydrated.

The significant increase in moisture helps soothe skin cracking.

When experiencing menopause skin can become itchy, and this cream is the perfect product to use against that as it protects and supports menopausal skin using a few simple, soothing ingredients.

The non-greasy, quick assumption formula is not just for the face and can be used anywhere on the body or in areas that suffer from eczema, rough or tight skin, dry skin, and inflamed skin.

Backed by science

When used in skincare, petroleum jelly has been found to enhance the protective abilities of the skin’s natural barrier.

It has been found that ingredients like paraffin can improve the condition of the skin after as little as 10 minutes.


Found naturally in the body and creates a protective barrier over the skin which retains moisture.

Petroleum Jelly
This is one of the most effective occlusive agents. This retains moisture, repairs damaged skin and helps reduce signs of aging such as deep-set lines, creases, and wrinkles.


Lanolin is an oil produced by sheep that has natural moisturizing and waterproofing features. Lanolin boosts hydration in the skin.

How to use

As it is an emollient, this can be applied whenever the skin is feeling dry. However, this works best when worked into the daily skincare routine.


Use twice a day, AM and PM on clean skin.

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