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Low testosterone in men – Professor Geoffrey Hackett & Dr Louise Newson

Professor Geoffrey Hackett works as a consultant in Urology and Sexual Medicine. He is a prolific writer and educator about men’s health and has a particular interest in low testosterone in men. In this episode, Dr Newson and Professor Hackett talk about how having a low testosterone level can affect men, how common it is and how men can receive help and treatment. Around 20% of men in the UK have low testosterone at some time in their life but few of these men are being diagnosed and treated. This is due to lack of awareness by patients and doctors, especially as symptoms are vague and often subject to incorrect diagnosis. Erectile problems can be a sign of cardiovascular disease so it is really important that men have the appropriate tests and receive the best treatment to improve their future health. 

Professor Geoffrey Hackett’s Three take Home Tips:

  1. Having erections and sexual activity is great for men’s health. Regular sex can reduce the risk of heart failure and can prolong life.
  2. The quality of sex can matter more than the quantity.
  3. Erectile dysfunction is down to heart problems until proven otherwise. Don’t just put it down to stress, age etc.
Low testosterone in men – Professor Geoffrey Hackett & Dr Louise Newson

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