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Seeing the bigger picture with men’s health specialist Dr Jeff Foster

If you have a male partner, this episode is definitely one for them too. Dr Jeff Foster is a GP and Men’s Health specialist who shares an interest with Dr Newson in hormones and the effects of them – or lack of them – on our lives and future health.

Together they discuss what makes up the specialities of Men’s Health and Women’s Health, and explain why seeing the bigger picture – one that looks at the whole person – is crucial to understanding and treating hormone deficiencies. Dr Foster discusses testosterone in men and how symptoms of low testosterone can mirror some menopausal symptoms. They discuss the benefits of testosterone on wider aspects of health, and caution is shared about the worrying popularity in some young men to use steroids and newer unregulated drugs such as SARMs.

Dr Foster’s advice to women is to look at the men in your life and see if they’re struggling with similar symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, or low libido, and give them a nudge to speak to their doctor.

Dr Foster’s 3 tips for men are:

  1. If you think you may have low testosterone, fill in the Adam Score which is 10 simple questions that indicate whether this might be a problem. Fill in the Adam Score here.
  2. Go and speak to your doctor if you are showing symptoms of low testosterone, don’t be tempted to book a testosterone test yourself online.
  3. If your test results come back normal but you continue to have symptoms, try and see a Men’s Health specialist doctor for further investigation and discussion.

Dr Foster’s website is and you can follow him on social media:

Seeing the bigger picture with men’s health specialist Dr Jeff Foster

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