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Menopause & West Midlands Police – Yvonne Bruton & Dr Louise Newson

In this episode, Dr Louise Newson chats to Yvonne Bruton, a chief inspector at West Midlands Police who currently heads up the Violence Reduction Unit. Yvonne is also the chair of her Women in Policing association. Dr Newson and Yvonne have worked closely in the past and shared a journey over the last few years; Dr Newson has shared her passion and expertise and Yvonne has shared the problems that are experienced, not only by women in the workplace, but also by trying to design organisational responses to these within a challenging working environment! Policing is about improving people’s lives and protecting them from harm – but they need to look after the workforce to enable them to get out there and do that. Dr Newson has helped support and champion the work that West Midlands Police have been doing with menopause in the workplace and in this podcast they discuss Yvonne’s inspirational work and how other organisation’s can follow their lead. 

Yvonne’s Three Take Home Tips for Menopause Support at Work:

  1. Find someone to talk to – that could be a colleague experiencing similar problems or a peer support group.
  2. Find an organisational advocate within your workplace.
  3. Don’t be afraid to make noise! 

Menopause & West Midlands Police – Yvonne Bruton & Dr Louise Newson

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