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Missing my perimenopause – Katie Taylor & Dr Louise Newson

In this week’s episode, Dr Newson chats to Katie Taylor. From the age of 43 Katie suffered for four years with debilitating perimenopausal symptoms, which had been misdiagnosed as depression by her doctor.   It was only when her father, a breast cancer professor, suggested that he thought her symptoms were more likely to be hormonal, did she finally get the right diagnosis from her gynaecologist. Within a month of being on the right treatment (HRT) and off the antidepressants, she felt like her old self again.  

It was her anger and frustration at having wasted so many years of precious life, that led her to set up an online virtual coffee shop: The Latte Lounge (Top Tips For Women Over 40), to share her experience with others. Katie and Dr Newson discuss how commonly women are misdiagnosed and then are not receiving the right treatment for their symptoms. 

Katie Taylor’s Three Take Home Tips:

  1. Download the balance app and take the menopause symptom questionnaire and read the NICE menopause guidelines and go to your doctor feeling empowered and armed with information.
  2. Know that HRT should be the first-line treatment, not just anti-depressants.
  3. Remember you’re not alone! Join the Latte Lounge or Menopause Support and talk to like-minded women.
Missing my perimenopause – Katie Taylor & Dr Louise Newson

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