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Recognising and getting help for your perimenopause with Dr Rebecca Lewis

Dr Rebecca Lewis, Clinical Director at Newson Health, returns to the podcast for the first episode of 2022 to discuss the perimenopause with Dr Louise Newson. The experts explain what the term means, what’s happening to your hormones during this phase, and how it can be diagnosed. Dr Rebecca Lewis offers practical advice on how to speak to your healthcare professional to convey the range of related perimenopausal symptoms and raise the issue of hormones.

Find out what your increased health risks are when your hormones change and what you can do to mitigate these risks. The perimenopause is discussed as an opportunity to take stock and consider introducing some small changes to your lifestyle that will improve both your physical and mental health.

Rebecca’s 3 top tips if you think you might be perimenopausal:

  1. Take control and think about balancing your hormones and protecting your future health
  2. Get a diagnosis earlier rather than later, download the free balance menopause support app and start tracking your periods and symptoms
  3. Consider HRT to help your symptoms and feel better, and then you can look at making changes to your lifestyle that will benefit your future health and wellbeing

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Recognising and getting help for your perimenopause with Dr Rebecca Lewis

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