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Early menopause and POI – Dr Sarah Ball and Dr Louise Newson

In this week’s podcast, Dr Louise Newson is joined by Dr Sarah Ball, a GP with a special interest in the menopause. Together, they talk all about early menopause and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) which affects women under 45 years. In the UK, around one in 100 women under 40 experience an early menopause yet many of these women are not diagnosed nor do they receive evidence-based advice and treatment. It is essential that these women receive replacement hormones at least until the age of 51 (the average age of the menopause) unless there are medical contra-indications to taking hormones. Dr Newson and Dr Ball discuss the health risks of untreated early menopause and POI and also the different ways in which women can receive individualised help and treatment. 

Dr Sarah Ball’s Three Take Home Tips:

  1. Early menopause is a different experience – it is essential to replace your hormones
  2. Your fertility still does need to be considered
  3. Don’t feel isolated! Find some support, there are others out there experiencing the same thing.

Click here to watch Dr Louise Newson discuss early menopause and POI.

Early menopause and POI – Dr Sarah Ball and Dr Louise Newson

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