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Oestrogen Matters – Dr Avrum Bluming & Dr Louise Newson

Avrum Bluming was a clinical professor of medical oncology at the University of Southern California and spent four years as a senior investigator for the National Cancer Institute. For more than two decades he has been studying the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy administered to women with a history of breast cancer. He is also the co-author of the book “Oestrogen Matters”. 

In this podcast, Dr Newson talks to Avrum about the numerous health benefits of oestrogen in women, including reducing future risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and dementia. It is a very sobering thought that as many women die from osteoporosis as breast cancer, yet so many women are denied oestrogen in HRT for the wrong reasons. Avrum’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer many years ago and he talks about treatments for breast cancer which can lead to an early menopause. 

  1. If every woman in the US started HRT, the median life expectancy of women would extend by 3.3 years
  2. If you ever hear “If you must take hormones, then take the smallest dose possible for the shortest period of time” – there is no scientific support for this! Women can take HRT for as long as they need.
  3. Some of the benefits of HRT, particularly for your bones, last as long as you continue to take it. If you stop taking the hormones, bone degeneration occurs at an accelerated pace.

Estrogen Matters

Oestrogen Matters – Dr Avrum Bluming & Dr Louise Newson

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