Been through breast cancer booklet

If you’ve had breast cancer and are wondering whether you’ll be able to take
HRT, this booklet is for you. Doctors may have told you that HRT is too risky,
and you may not have had the opportunity to discuss what your options are.
Don’t worry, we are here to explain it all: symptoms you might have, types of
HRT, the risks and benefits of treatment when there’s a history of breast
cancer, and how you can decide what is right for you and changes you might
want to make in the future.

This booklet is written by Dr Louise Newson, GP and menopause expert, with
Dr Melanie Martins and Dr Jenni McCracken, GPs with special interest in the
menopause. There has also been valued reviews and contributions from
women affected by breast cancer.

This booklet will not try to persuade you one way or the other. Hopefully, it
will show you that, despite the breast cancer, you do have options to treat
your menopausal symptoms and help support you to make a decision that is
right for you.

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Been through breast cancer booklet
Dr Louise Newson

Written by
Dr Louise Newson

Dr Louise Newson is a GP and pioneering Menopause Specialist who is passionate about increasing awareness and knowledge of the perimenopause and menopause, and campaigns for better menopause care for all people.

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