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Menopause yoga – Petra Coveney & Dr Louise Newson

In this podcast, Dr Louise Newson is joined by Petra Coveney, Founder of Menopause Yoga – the UK’s first specialist style of yoga to support women going through the menopause. 

Petra, who is a member of the British Menopause Society (BMS) for health practitioners and a senior yoga teacher and trainer, developed Menopause Yoga to meet the physical and emotional needs of women going through menopause. Last year, due to demand from women and yoga teachers, she launched the world’s first Menopause Yoga Teacher Training course at Newson Health, which is accredited by the UK’s main governing bodies the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals. Her aim is to train a yoga teacher in every town so that women across the country can practice locally where they live. The course has drawn teachers from all over the world, many of whom have trained at Newson Health. In April 2020, she piloted the first online Menopause Yoga classes and in May she is launching the first online Teacher Training course, which includes Dr Louise Newson as a Guest Speaker. Dr Newson’s book on the Menopause is a core course reading text.  

In this podcast, Dr Newson and Petra discuss: 

  • Petra’s own menopause journey,  
  • What inspired her to develop Menopause Yoga, 
  • Combining western medical science with eastern Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, 
  • The Chinese concept of post menopause as a woman’s ‘Second Spring.’ 
  • How yoga, breathwork and meditation can support women to transition positively through menopause, 
  • How to reduce stress levels, master your hot flushes and change your perception of menopause. 
  • Why it is important to educate women about the menopause, to feel empowered and embrace post menopause. 

Petra Coveney’s Three Take Home Tips:

  1. Stressful thoughts exacerbate all menopause symptoms. Learn simple breathing exercises to calm your mind and tap into your parasympathetic nervous system that helps you to Rest & Digest. 
  2. Writing a daily journal will help you to release negative, stressful thoughts and recognise which foods, drinks, activities, thoughts, etc trigger your menopause symptoms. Every woman is unique. Gaining insights into your triggers will aid your self-growth. 
  3. Nourish & Nurture yourself. Eat well, Sleep well. Pamper yourself.  

Petra will be returning to Newson Health later in the year to run women’s workshops here at Newson Health. You can find out more on her website:   

Instagram: @Menopause_Yoga 

Menopause yoga – Petra Coveney & Dr Louise Newson

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