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Menopause education for nurses – Mandy Garland, Sharon Hartmann & Dr Louise Newson

In this episode, Dr Louise Newson is joined by Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Mandy Garland and Specialist Nurse, Sharon Hartmann – together they discuss nurse education for menopause and HRT in primary care. 

Both Mandy and Sharon chose to develop their own skills and knowledge in menopause by completing the accredited training through the British Menopause Society. They are currently waiting to submit their final log book; following an intensive 2 years of study, specialist visits and practical assessments. 

In this podcast, Dr Newson chats to Mandy and Sharon about how they have used evidence based practice to develop a pathway of care, offering patients at their busy NHS surgery a holistic service founded on NICE guidance; such as initiating and reviewing a patient’s use of HRT. This has been particularly challenging due to the lack of funding their surgery receives for management of the menopause. Mandy and Sharon hope that the long term benefits will be evident, with the improved quality of life women experience when on appropriately prescribed HRT, and that nurses all over the UK will receive the same opportunity to study at a higher level.

Mandy Garland, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Menopause Specialist and Nurse Prescriber – @garland_mandy

Sharon Hartmann, Specialist Nurse: Integrated Sexual Health, Menopause Specialist and Nurse Prescriber – @hartmann_sharon

Mandy and Sharon’s Three Take Home Tips for nurses who want to gain a better menopause education:

  1. Menopause is a complex, in-depth subject and should be seen as a Holistic Medicine.
  2. During your training, find a like-minded nurse or professional that you can work with and study alongside.
  3. Attend as many clinics as you can within the local area and work with your local pharmacy.
Menopause education for nurses – Mandy Garland, Sharon Hartmann & Dr Louise Newson

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