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Menopause Education & Fourteen Fish – Dr Mark Coombe & Dr Louise Newson

Dr Mark Coombe is the educational director of Fourteen Fish, a UK based company specialising in medical appraisals. They provide education for over 40,000 GPs and healthcare professionals in the UK.

In this podcast, Mark and Dr Newson talk about a new menopause education programme they are developing together which has just been launched and is available for healthcare professionals. Dr Newson has created the content with three other GPs with a special interest in the menopause, Dr Rebecca Lewis, Dr Alice Duffy and Dr Sarah Ball.

Frustratingly many healthcare professionals have little or no formal education in the menopause which results in women being given the wrong advice and treatment. Education for healthcare professionals needs to be done in an evidence-based and non-biased way. It is also important that healthcare professionals are monitored and assessed regularly for their education so this platform is ideal for launching the menopause education programme on. 

Dr Mark Coombe’s Three Take Home Tips About the Menopause Education Programme:

  1. This programme is evidence-based and current. The information is fresh and right up to date.
  2. It is online and so easily accessible. You can pick it up and put it down whenever suits you and can focus on specific modules.
  3. “We will be working towards helping you provide evidence in your appraisals so you can justify being looked upon as someone with a specialist interest in menopause and HRT.”

Menopause Education & Fourteen Fish – Dr Mark Coombe & Dr Louise Newson

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