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‘balance’ Menopause App – Jane Oglesby & Dr Louise Newson

In this podcast, Dr Louise Newson is talking with Jane Oglesby, whom she first met at Manchester University when they were both medical students together. Dr Newson and Jane then reconnected a few years ago when she visited the Newson Health clinic as she had been really struggling with menopausal symptoms and was unable to receive the right help and treatment. Jane now works a trustee for The Oglesby Charitable Trust and she is passionate about tackling health inequalities, amongst other issues, and she is also a Director of both Focused Care and the Shared Health Foundation. Jane has kindly personally donated money to enable us to develop and produce a brand new menopause app called ‘balance’ which has just been launched. The aim of this app is to provide evidence based and non-biased information about the perimenopause and menopause to as many women as possible worldwide. Dr Newson and her team have been working hard for the past year with the most incredible team at Magnetic North in Manchester and is really excited to announce that it is now available to download. 

Click here to find out more and download ‘balance’ today!

Jane Oglesby’s Three Favourite Things About ‘balance’:

  1. We have asked women what they want! The app has been designed with that as the main objective – it gives women what they have asked for.
  2. The app is a free resource full of information. We want it to stay accessible for all women.
  3. balance demonstrates a collaborative effort from a great group of women and I’m very proud of it!

‘balance’ Menopause App – Jane Oglesby & Dr Louise Newson

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