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Taking a mid-life career leap to help menopausal women with Gaele Lalahy

Gaele Lalahy had a successful career in consumer electronics as Board Member and Head of Brand Communications & Olympic marketing at Panasonic. Having been with the same company for two decades, Gaele became fearful of not having tried a different career, so she decided to take the leap and leave her job without a plan in place. When the opportunity came up to run Dr Louise Newson’s balance menopause support app, it didn’t immediately grab Gaele’s interest because, as she admits, she knew nothing about the menopause or the scale of the problem facing women.

After doing her own research and realising hundreds of thousands of women were suffering and struggling to get treatment, Gaele came on board as the Chief Operating Officer for balance at the start of 2021. Since then, the app has grown ten-fold and is really helping to change the narrative around perimenopause and menopause and empower women with the information they need to get help from their local GP practices. Gaele shares some of the remarkable statistics that show how the app helps women get a diagnosis and treatment more efficiently, and she discusses plans for the app’s future that will make even more of a difference to people’s lives.

Gaele’s 3 reasons to use the balance app:

  1. The balance app is a safe space to share and get support from like-minded people who also going through the peri/menopause.
  2. All the information on the app is very easy to digest, all medically approved and based on the latest evidence.
  3. Come to the app to figure out what is going on with your body and mind and join the dots. You will learn more about the many changes you may be experiencing and can then use this insight in discussions with your doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment.

Find out more information about the balance app on the website here.

Read about balance for healthcare professionals (HPs) or share with your HP on their website here.

Look out for balance+ coming in early 2022!

You can follow the balance app on their social platforms at:

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Taking a mid-life career leap to help menopausal women with Gaele Lalahy

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