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Menopause is inevitable —

how you handle it isn't

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We aim to offer everything you need during your perimenopausal or menopausal journey. Whether you’re simply looking for evidence based information, need a way of tracking your symptoms, or if you’re looking to book a consultation, you can find it here.

1 in 4

Women will experience debilitating menopause symptoms

Yet 77%

Of those women do not realise these are linked to the menopause

Leaving 9%

Attending more than 10 appointments before reaching a diagnosis or receiving any treatment, by which time lives, careers and families are suffering needlessly

A note from our founder

Women, and trans and non-binary people, have been suffering with the menopause hormone deficiency for decades and it’s time to put this right. There is safe, low-cost, effective treatment available, and everybody should know about this and have access to it, should they wish.

I am passionate about providing evidenced-based information so it is very important to me that all the content provided remains independent. Everything throughout the balance ecosystem is written by myself or my committed team; no pharmaceutical companies or similar have any input on our work.

Dr Louise Newson

BSc(Hons) MBChB(Hons) MRCP FRCGP GP and Menopause Specialist

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