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balance’s most popular perimenopause and menopause resources in 2023

It’s been a busy year for balance with more than 400 new features published on the app and 150 new features published on the website. Existing content remained popular too, with thousands of downloads being made, and balance founder Dr Louise Newson’s podcast hit a milestone five million downloads in 2023. We look back at some of our most popular content…  

1. Podcast: What does the future hold for menopause and HRT with menopause activist Kate Muir

Our most popular podcast of the year featured Kate Muir, author of Everything You Need to Know About the Menopause (But Were Too Afraid to Ask) and the producer behind Davina McCall’s two menopause documentaries. Kate turned the tables by asking Dr Louise the questions, including her hopes for menopause care over the next decade.

2. Progesterone intolerance factsheet

Our most popular factsheet of 2023, this struck a chord with almost 30,000 of you. It explains the symptoms of progesterone intolerance and outlines options and alternatives.

3. HRT doses explained

It’s no wonder this explainer piece is the most popular article on the balance website, with more than 113,000 views – it tackles commonly asked questions regarding dosing and explains why dosing can vary from person to person.

4. Menopause – the definition and an explanation

The most popular feature on the balance app is this simple but useful explainer that’s the first port of call for women wishing to learn more about the menopause.

5. Osteoporosis: how to protect your bones during menopause and beyond

Our second most downloaded podcast of 2023, this episode featuredChicago-based Dr Kristi DeSapri, who specialises in bone health. Dr Kristi and Dr Louise Newson talk about the role of hormonal changes in weakening bones, the latest research in protecting bones and what can be done to keep you fit and strong in the future.

6. Heavy periods during the perimenopause: what you need to know

Changes to periods are often an early sign of the perimenopause and heavy periods can cause distress and disruption. This article looks at the reasons behind them and offers practical advice and treatment options.

7. HRT prescription prepayment certificate: what you need to know

When the new prescription prepayment certificate came into effect in England in April 2023, thousands of women wanted to know more. This article explains how the certificate works, what it covers, and how to seek care from a healthcare professional.

8. What to expect when you start HRT

There can be a lot of uncertainty in the perimenopause and menopause so when you decide to take HRT, it can be helpful to know what to expect. This article covers some of the common side effects you may experience during the first few weeks and explains when symptoms usually settle down and when to discuss making changes.

9. Joe Wicks: how to exercise and stay active during the menopause

Another popular podcast, this featured fitness coach Joe Wicks who offered tips on setting achievable goals, plus beneficial exercises, and what to do if you are struggling with motivation.

10. Help I’ve forgotten to take my HRT

When life is hectic or you’re away from home, it’s easy for your HRT to slip your mind. This article answers your common questions on what to do when you’ve missed a dose. Remember you can download the balance app to log your medication.

balance’s most popular perimenopause and menopause resources in 2023

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