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The Personal & Professional Costs of the Menopause – Chris Oglesby & Dr Louise Newson

Chris Oglesby is the chief executive of Bruntwood, which remains a family-owned and run company founded on a belief that its success comes from the success of its colleagues, customers and the communities in which it operates. He works tirelessly helping cities such as Manchester to thrive in many ways including by improving health inequalities, funding research and by supporting cultural and community initiatives.  

Chris talks to Dr Newson about how his wife, Jane, really struggled during her perimenopause and menopause and how difficult it was for him to watch her experience various symptoms. He also speaks openly about his sister, who also found it difficult to receive adequate help and treatment for her menopause. 

Dr Newson and Chris explore ways in which menopause in the workplace can be addressed to improve organisations and also about how poor menopause care is a global health problem which urgently needs to be addressed. 

Chris Oglesby’s Three Take Home Tips for employers:

  1. Start with your own awareness, do your research and learn more about how the menopause may affect your staff. 
  2. Then you can roll out a programme of awareness within your business to benefit all colleagues, both male and female.
  3. Look at pathways into providing your female staff with high quality treatment and menopause advice.
The Personal & Professional Costs of the Menopause – Chris Oglesby & Dr Louise Newson

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