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Get involved with our #PauseToTalk campaign on World Menopause Day

Today is World Menopause Day! The idea is to raise awareness of menopause and the support options available for improving health and wellbeing – something we like to do at balance and Newson Health every day.

We’re marking the occasion with our #PauseToTalk campaign as we believe that an important part of raising awareness is by having everyday conversations – with friends, partners, children, extended family, colleagues, healthcare staff, fellow book club members and gym goers and anyone who’ll listen.

You can take part in the campaign by simply having a conversation with someone about the menopause. Don’t underestimate the importance of this chat.

In a Newson Health survey of 5,744 women aged between 46 and 60 years, three-quarters of respondents said the menopause was never discussed in their home while growing up. Key barriers to family menopause discussions included a lack of knowledge (45%), embarrassment (30%), lack of communication (28%), being short of time (17%) and feelings of shame (10%). We don’t want this to continue.

Let’s make a difference together

Now, you can help make a difference. Thousands of people have already taken part in our #PauseToTalk campaign this month, and if you need any prompts for conversation starters, the balance app and website are filled with practical articles on everything menopause related.

Balance founder Dr Louise Newson is passionate about the #PauseToTalk campaign.

‘We’re on a mission to have the most menopause conversations ever,’ she says.

‘Everyone’s menopause is individual so to help others understand and manage their menopause, and to help promote choice for women, we must break taboos and prejudices that surround women’s health. We need to educate and have these conversations. I hope that by talking, we can really start to make a change.’

How you can get involved and be part of something special

  1. Have a conversation about the menopause
  2. Log your conversation on the balance app or website
  3. Share that you’ve got involved by tagging us on social media, using the hashtag #PauseToTalk

Let’s make a change together.

Get involved with our #PauseToTalk campaign on World Menopause Day

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