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The benefits of HRT – Professor Isaac Manyonda & Dr Louise Newson

Professor Isaac Manyonda is a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at St George’s Hospital in London with a major interest in the menopause.

In this very detailed discussion, Prof Isaac and Dr Newson talk about the huge benefits of oestrogen in HRT and how many ways oestrogen can improve future health and prevent disease. They discuss the misinformation and misunderstanding of HRT over the last 20 years and how this has led to so many women being inappropriately denied HRT.

Prof Isaac also speaks very eloquently about the perceived risks of HRT and also how oestrogen on its own can lead to a lower future risk of developing breast cancer and also dying from breast cancer. Dr Newson says that the information discussed in this podcast is evidence based and it is essential that all women listen carefully! 

Professor Isaac Manyonda’s Three Take Home Tips:

  1. HRT prevents many of the health problems that women can develop after the menopause and it does so in a very simple, cheap and effective way.
  2. In terms of the menopausal symptoms that women often experience, there is no better intervention than HRT.
  3. Here is a hormone that is essentially like  ‘magic bullet’ – it really can help improve quality of life.
The benefits of HRT – Professor Isaac Manyonda & Dr Louise Newson

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