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‘It‘s a scandal that more isn‘t known about the menopause‘ with Dr Richard Hull

Dr Richard Hull teaches philosophy at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Due to a coming together of work life and home life in lockdown and his wife’s experience, Richard began thinking and writing about the menopause from an ethical and philosophical perspective. As an issue under our noses all the time, he was astounded that more isn’t written about it, and he queries the lack of ethical concern for women regarding this time of life and the impact on those around them.

Richard discusses with Dr Louise Newson the importance of raising awareness of perimenopause and menopause, sharing accurate information, training healthcare professionals and empowering women with the right knowledge to recognise what is happening to them and to get the help they need through treatment.

Richard’s 3 hopes for change:

  1. Personal and public awareness of the impact of the menopause is crucial
  2. For everyone to have the confidence to seek support in all its forms and find out about HRT
  3. Talk more and spread awareness and knowledge with others. The more people are aware, the less it can be ignored.

You can read Richard’s article on the menopause here. Richard’s wife, Jaany, has written about her experience here.

‘It‘s a scandal that more isn‘t known about the menopause‘ with Dr Richard Hull

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