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My story: My experience with and without HRT

One of my patients has written this about her experience and is keen for others to read it. She is typical of many patients I seen my clinic and it is so lovely to hear how much better she is now.

Deciding to stop HRT

I had read many conflicting media statements regarding taking HRT over a period of 10 years. I decided that I would be better long term to come off HRT and, as I was 60, I thought that I would be through the effects of the menopause.

The first time I tried was 2012 but the symptoms of hot flushes and night sweats returned with a vengeance, so I started HRT again, I tried a further two times. In January 2016 I was advised by the nurse to come off slowly and reduce the dosage each month. However, by March 2016, yet again the symptoms came back but even worse than ever. I was experiencing 15 -20 hot flushes every day which were more like night sweats.

Trying alternatives to HRT

I tried many herbal remedies which made no difference, so I saw my GP in September 2016 and he gave me Clonidine. This only made a slight difference to my symptoms. Over this period, I had not had any clear advice about HRT from my GP but I was finding the symptoms increasingly very debilitating. I could not exercise at all: walking and even using the vacuum cleaner brought on the symptoms. I was not sleeping and found the severe sweating in company very embarrassing.

Balancing benefits and risks of HRT

My sister saw the article by Dr Louise Newson in Saga Magazine and I decided to make an appointment. Dr Newson explained clearly about the benefits of staying on HRT and the risks. After this explanation I felt much more confident with my decision and agreed with Dr Newson to go back onto HRT.

Back in control!

After six weeks I am back exercising on my cross trainer, hot flushes only about two per day and no night sweats. I finally feel back in control of my life after a year without HRT and those horrible symptoms.

Last updated: February 2018

My story: My experience with and without HRT
Dr Louise Newson

Written by
Dr Louise Newson

Dr Louise Newson is a GP and pioneering Menopause Specialist who is passionate about increasing awareness and knowledge of the perimenopause and menopause, and campaigns for better menopause care for all people.

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