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Putting the risks of taking HRT into perspective [with sign language]

Dr Louise Newson puts the risks of taking HRT into perspective. #6 in a series of videos with sign language.

Video Transcript:

I am Dr. Louise Newson. I am a GP and Menopause Expert in West Midlands.

When women [I know I go on about this] take HRT, their skin changes – their hair changes, their nails – they just glow – they feel so much better. They look so much better.

But other people who won’t consider it or don’t know enough about it – they spend a fortune trying to have their skin better…their hair get better and it’s not the same and it’s not helping them internally as well.

I think people are scared about HRT because they don’t understand. There are very few women who are anti-HRT who know all the facts…so it’s quite different. I feel very strongly about trying to educate women and then they can make a choice.

You see, life is about a risk…we cross a road we take a risk. We drink a glass of wine we take a risk. We take HRT – not all types but some types – there is a small increased risk of breast cancer. But it is offset by all the benefits as well.

Now people who have horrendous symptoms, they are prepared to take risks because their lives…their quality of life becomes so much better.

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