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Testosterone: why can’t we have our own hormone back? With Dr Zoe Hodson

Dr Zoe Hodson returns to the podcast this week to talk to Dr Louise Newson about the hormone testosterone. Zoe is a GP and senior doctor at Newson Health, and together they discuss the impact of low testosterone on your daily life, why it can be difficult to get hold of, and gender inequalities in healthcare provision when it comes to this particular hormone.

Zoe is on a personal mission to ask every local health commissioning group if their clinicians can prescribe testosterone and, if not, why not? Change is happening slowly within primary care and Zoe and Louise are committed to continue to push for testosterone to be regarded as an integral part of menopause care at a free, local level for all.

Zoe’s 3 asks for change:

  1. We need to normalise testosterone in women, so please keep talking about it. If you take it already, tell people, and tell your healthcare professionals about the difference it makes to you.
  2. Keep alerting your GP practice to the ‘Confidence in Menopause’ course on It is now free for all healthcare professionals across the globe.
  3. If you’re going to a menopause clinic and they haven’t mentioned testosterone, ask them about it.

Zoe would like to thank all her followers on social media for their wonderful support and encouragement to keep speaking up for women and trying to bring about change for good. You can follow Zoe on Instagram @manchestermenopausehive

Testosterone: why can’t we have our own hormone back? With Dr Zoe Hodson

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